Strategic metallurgy

Metallurgy is a critical part of any mining venture, but its strategic role is often poorly understood.

There has been a litany of projects that have failed because the metallurgy – or it's execution – was simply wrong.

Even the biggest companies, with all their internal procedures, have fallen foul of bad decisions surrounding their metallurgy.

Developing your metallurgical strategy, the capability that flows from it, and making sure it fits into your overall business plan, is fundamental to the success of a mining company.

Strategic Metallurgy has extensive hands-on experience at board level combined with a strong technical background.

We can provide a comprehensive strategic review of your metallurgical process, technical capability and the management and board decision making framework required to ensure a successful outcome. Contact us to discuss your requirements.

Ask yourself

Does your metallurgy fit your business model? Do you need a Board Level metallurgical review? Is your company struggling with new metallurgical technologies?

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If you can't answer these checklist questions about your company's metallurgical strategy with a confident yes, then you should contact Strategic Metallurgy.

  • Have you identified the right process?
  • Will it work?
  • Have you explored all the options?
  • Is your project strategy clearly defined?
  • Do you have the right team?
  • Can you sell the concept to the market?
  • Does it fit the strategic outlook of your company?

Lithium Carbonate

In answer to the recent interest in Lithium markets, Strategic Metallurgy has recently developed a hydrometallurgical process to extract and recover battery grade lithium carbonate from lithium containing mica. Read more...

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Strategic review

Our approach is to work with your team to help provide answers that are well reasoned, practical and timely.

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New mining technology

New technology can be game-changing for some projects. The challenge is working to ensure successful implementation.