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Metallurgy strategy is fundamental to mining success

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Is there a real understanding of your metallurgy?

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Does your metallurgy fit your business model?

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Are you struggling with new metallurgy technology?

About Us

about strategic metallurgy

About Strategic Metallurgy

Strategic Metallurgy Pty Ltd, established in 2010, is a small metallurgical consulting company whose business model is to work with mining companies to develop their metallurgical strategy and ensure that it fits into their overall business plan. Strategic Metallurgy has extensive hands-on experience at the board level combined with a strong technical background.

We develop and improve processes by striving to understand the underlying chemical and physical interactions. With a wealth of experience, Strategic Metallurgy can add real value to an established team or provide stand alone metallurgical advice and process solutions.

Strategic Metallurgy has a proven history of delivering quality metallurgical outcomes using various metallurgical tools and processes across a range of commodities.

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