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Metallurgy strategy is fundamental to mining success

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Is there a real understanding of your metallurgy?

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Are you struggling with new metallurgy technology?


Copper technology

A new technology to significantly improve the recovery of copper from solvent extraction organics.


Acid sulfate copper leach process liquors

Technology overview

Use a soluble pH modifier that produces no precipitate in mixers.
Indirectly uses the cheapest alkali – limestone.


  • Neutralise acid generated in the extraction mixer-settlers to drive higher copper extraction.
  • Higher reagent loading.
  • No complex pH control necessary.
  • Easily incorporated in a “standard” Cu-SX flowsheet.
  • Simple retrofit to an existing plant.

Final raffinate concentration reduced from approx. 420 ppm Cu to <50 ppm Cu with the addition of pH modifier


Patent lodged Application# PCT/AU2014/001024